What You Can Expect When Buying a Luxurious Monticello New Home

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Monticello Builders have been building luxurious homes in San Antonio for 20 years. And, just as we have changed, so has the definition of luxury.

Here’s what you can expect when you Buy a New Monticello Home in San Antonio 

A Great Reputation That Stands the Test of Time – This may sound like something subjective and inconsequential. But in fact, when a builder has a good reputation, their homes are more desirable as time goes by. Opinions toward builders in the San Antonio area are actively posted online, and most industry pros and established locals have views about Monticello built homes. Learn about the variety of values in our homes and make an informed decision. Ask around about our homes, there is a reason we have been around for 20 years.

Architectural Uniqueness – Here at Monticello Homes, we have great architects that know how to put together, beautiful yet practical designs. While it’s obvious how your home is perceived today, consider your home’s look and feel in a few decades. Take our  “good bones” for example — our solid foundations, unusual details, high-grade materials, and the lovely artistic components integrated into our luxury homes.

Practical Layout – Most families’ lives today focus around the main hub of the home; the Kitchen. Most families want what used to be referred to as a “Farmhouse Kitchen”. This room has come of age and now represents the heart of the home with stylish yet functional food preparation areas and storage. Well-designed spaces for socializing and relaxing without invading the workspace of the cook are a hallmark of our sought after open kitchens.

Smarter Technology – Home technology is smarter than ever. Home hubs are the brains that let all your smart-home devices work together. Smart locks, thermostats, room sensors, switches, garage door openers, and more are all controlled by this single device.  The smart home is tremendously fun and convenient. Did you remember to close the garage door and turn the lights out in the kitchen? Ask the smart technology. Talk with your sales representative about including this fantastic feature into your home.

Unobstructed Views and Light – A house interior that has open access to the Texas Hill Country and welcomes lots of natural light improves your mood and your outlook on life!  Openness is often just as important as the outdoor space in a home.  Enjoy the light, enjoy the views, savor the setting of your luxurious new space.