Monticello Homes Ensures Quality While Building Your New Home

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The initial goal all of those years ago when Monticello began to build homes was to provide a clear and seamless process for customers to realize their dream of owning a custom home. Today Monticello has built nearly 1,000 homes in and around the San Antonio metro area and industry awards and customer satisfaction has followed. Here is how Monticello ensure quality when building your home.

Monticello has been a respected new home builder in San Antonio for 20 years

Tried and True Project Plans are in place before any shovel hits the dirt. Detailed plans and house specifications have been reviewed with all of our employees to make sure that every person who works on the home is on the same page. This step ensures consistent construction and installation from your homes big ideas to its smallest details. We take pride in continually reducing common building mistakes made when constructing homes. Inspections with our trades at each stage of our project plans mean that our homes get better every time we build them. Every new home construction project plan includes:

  • Construction Drawings
  • Detail Photos
  • Installation Instructions
  • Difficulty Warnings
  • The home building process is something Monticello Builders are very proud of

We are Excellent Communicators; we pride ourselves in hearing the ideas and voices of our trade contractors. Our team is in frequent communication with everyone who builds our homes. Everyone has a voice in discussing strategies, timelines, and action plans. Feedback from our “boots on the ground” team is encouraged and helps our Monticello team identify improvements to our very high building standards.

Exit Reviews for Quality Are Not Only Blue Tape. Our reviews for finished homes include way more than the homeowner marking problem areas with blue tape. Our Quality Team reviews both the scope of work and internal process documents at an end to end review. Our goal is to ensure that mistakes are found by our team, not by buyers. You will have blue tape opportunity, but we are confident that our exit review means you will use a lot less of it.

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